A Conversation About Assisted Suicide


JOIN LIFE LEGAL for a webcast featuring Bishop Robert Barron and Pastor Rick Warren discussing why assisted suicide is wrong and how to cope with difficult end of life circumstances in a way that respects human dignity and the sanctity of life.

Noted psychiatrist Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Life Legal attorney Steve Larson will also be on the webcast to talk about Life Legal’s challenge to California’s assisted suicide law.

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Patient Said Insurer Encouraged Suicide


Another reason Life Legal is fighting California’s assisted suicide law.

From The Gazette:

“As Coloradans decide on a dangerous assisted-suicide proposal, a California woman provides proof of our greatest fear. She wants treatment for a deadly disease, but finds herself at the mercy of a greedy insurance company that will only pay for suicide pills under the state’s new suicide law.”

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Terminally Ill Patients Don’t Use Aid-In-Dying Laws To Relieve Pain


Yet another reason Life Legal is challenging California’s assisted suicide law.

Instead of helping only terminally ill patients in physical pain, assisted suicide laws are being used by patients in psychological distress.

From Kaiser Health News:

“It’s a bait and switch,” said Dr. Ira Byock, executive director and chief medical officer for the Institute for Human Caring of Providence Health and Services, based in Torrance, Calif. “We’re actually helping people hasten their deaths because of existential suffering. That’s chilling to me.”

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Elderly Woman Near Death When Life Legal Intervened

Senior woman holding hands with caretaker

Last week, Life Legal received a call from the daughter of a 93-year-old woman who was being deprived of nutrition and hydration in a Northern California hospital. Our team responded immediately by filing court pleadings demanding that the woman receive proper care. Life Legal attorney Terry Thompson then appeared before a judge to seek a temporary restraining order prohibiting the hospital from putting the woman to death.

We were successful in obtaining the order! The woman had been without food and water for three days and was near death, but she is now recuperating thanks to the efforts of the Life Legal team.

It should be noted that the woman does not have a terminal illness. She is able to breathe on her own. Yet the hospital believed it was within its rights to end her life without her consent or the consent of her family because she was elderly.

Life Legal provides guidance regarding advance healthcare directives to ensure that you and your loved ones are not deprived of life-sustaining care against your wishes.

A Disabled Life Is A Life Worth Living


imageAuthor Ben Mattlin has written a profound article on the value of life with a disability, partly in response to the suicide of Jerika Bolen, a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl who ended her life by refusing medical treatment. Mattlin has Spinal Muscular Atrophy–the same disability Bolen had.

“I dare not judge Jerika Bolen. I don’t know the entirety of her situation. But I do wish she had found the will to live. I’m saddened — as were many others with S.M.A, and some disability rights groups — to think others might grow so weary or apprehensive that they follow her example. I hope she received the same level of intervention any other suicidal 14-year-old would. I wish I could have told her about the psychological alchemy that can turn frustration into an internal fuel. If I’d had the chance I would have told her that society needs its disabled people, too.”

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