The Netherlands Offers Euthanasia for Alcoholics


When the “right to die” becomes the duty to die. Assisted suicide is a failure of society to care for the weakest and most vulnerable among us. It offers no compassion, no care, no solutions…except the final solution.


“After eight years and 21 stints in hospital or rehab, Mark decided that he had enough. He had two children but his marriage had collapsed; his parents cared for him and he had plenty of family support, but he was unable to dry out.

Finally he asked for euthanasia. Physically he was quite ill and psychologically he was suffering badly. He met the minimum criteria for euthanasia in the Netherlands. A woman doctor in a black dress and sneakers arrived to give him his lethal injection. She confirmed his decision and then gave him three doses. He died quickly.”

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Cardinal Dolan Calls for Renewed Fight Against Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Cardinal Dolan

One more reason Life Legal is challenging the constitutionality of assisted suicide in California.


“Every suicide is tragic, whether someone is young or old, healthy or sick. But the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide creates two classes of people: those whose suicides are to be prevented at any cost, and those whose suicides are deemed a positive good. We remove weapons and drugs that can cause harm to one group, while handing deadly drugs to the other, setting up yet another kind of life-threatening discrimination. This is completely unjust. Our inherent human dignity does not wane with the onset of illness or incapacity, and so all are worthy of protection.”

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Rick Warren Targets California Assisted Suicide Law


From CBN News:

“Life Legal filed a lawsuit earlier this year to challenge California’s assisted suicide law, the End of Life Option Act. The California Catholic Conference of Bishops has formally endorsed the lawsuit, stating that the act ‘fosters the unequal and inhumane treatment of an extremely vulnerable group of our citizens solely because they suffer from a life-threatening illness.'”

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